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Mizzou Advantage

Jerry Frank

Executive Director, Mizzou Advantage
Phone: 573-884-8611


Chris Fulcher

Food for the Future Facilitator
Phone: 573-268-2740

Michael Gold

Educational Programs Facilitator
Phone: 573-884-1448

Cerry Klein

Sustainable Energy Facilitator
Phone: 573-882-4858

Carolyn Henry

One Health/One Medicine Facilitator
Phone: 573-882-7821

Mike McKean

Media of the Future Facilitator
Phone: 573-882-3434


Colleen Devlin

Executive Director of Marketing
and Communications
Office of the Provost, Mizzou Advantage
Phone: 573-884-4953

Rebecca Calvin

Strategic Communications Consultant
Phone: 573-884-6197

Meg Phillips Crespy

Strategic Communications Associate I
Phone: 573-884-6853

Niki Stanley

Strategic Communications Associate II
Phone: 573-884-2498

LeAnne Stewart

Director of Operations
Phone: 573-884-9770

Pam Cooper

Business Support Specialist I
Phone: 573-884-7283