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Undergraduate Research Teams

Call for Proposals

Mizzou Advantage Undergraduate Research Teams (URTs) bring faculty, staff and students from across campus together to work on interdisciplinary problem-based research projects linked to one of the four Mizzou Advantage areas: Food for the Future, Media of the Future, One Health/One Medicine, and Sustainable Energy. The program hopes to inspire out-of-the-box collaborations among typically unrelated fields of study in order to explain phenomena, imagine solutions, and raise questions in ways not possible through the lens of any single discipline. Unconventional and unexpected pairings—engineering and art or computer science and psychology, for example—are welcome and encouraged.

Program goals:

•Create a problem-based learning community

•Increase student engagement in, and comprehension of, the research process

•Encourage students to present papers and posters as final products

•Offer content knowledge, along with teamwork and problem-solving skills

•Develop networks and inspire innovative collaboration among faculty and students

Students (3 to 5 recommended) receive a $500 scholarship per semester (fall and spring) of involvement (up to 3 semesters per URT). NOTE: During summer semesters only, students will receive a $1,500 scholarship.

Each faculty or staff mentor (maximum of 3 mentors per URT) receives a $1,000 professional development award per semester (for up to 3 semesters); the project receives $500 per semester for project expenses (e.g., printing, supplies, mileage, printing a research poster). NOTE: URT projects can occur during three consecutive semester (e.g., fall-spring-summer) or three semesters excluding summer (e.g., fall-spring-fall).

Proposals are due on October 15th, March 15th, and June 15th prior to the semester for which they are proposed. Please send queries and proposals to

Proposal process:

To propose a team for the upcoming semester, faculty and/or staff from several different disciplines must submit a joint proposal. There must be a lead PI identified to coordinate the project. The lead PI must be a faculty member. Proposals should be a maximum of four pages and should include the following:

•Project title, description and a brief statement explaining how it relates to one or more of the Mizzou Advantage areas

•Information about the mentors (background, skills and resources that may benefit the project) and (very important) the specific contributions, roles and
responsibilities each mentor will bring to the research and to the students involved. Indicate how many undergraduates the PIs have mentored.

•Anticipated outputs of the project (proposals, manuscripts, posters, conference presentations, etc.)

•The preferred semester(s) and the number of undergraduate students to be involved in the project (teams of three to five students are recommended).

•A clearly defined plan of 1) how mentors will engage students as individuals and as a group and facilitate discovery and research, and 2) duties, expectations and projected timeline, including the necessary training and literature review to ensure the needed level of knowledge for students to contribute meaningfully to team discussions

•Criteria for recruitment and selection (desired majors, prerequisites and relevant coursework, prior research experience)

•A proposed budget for project expenses. Note there is a cap of $500 for one-semester projects, a total of $1,000 for two-semester projects and a maximum amount of $1,500 for full year (3 semester) projects.

The goal is to assemble an interdisciplinary team of students with differing academic backgrounds, and preference will be given to collaborations involving traditionally unrelated disciplines.

Successful one- or two-semester projects may apply for additional funding to extend the project for a maximum of three semesters. NOTE: Brief project updates are required prior to the addition of additional semester(s) of URT support.

Submit completed proposals to Proposals will be reviewed by the Mizzou Advantage core faculty and staff. Previous undergraduate research team project descriptions are listed below for review.

At the outset of each round of URT awards, a required information session will be held to explain the full URT process (i.e., rules, responsibilities, expectations, team building skills, financial award information).

Food for the Future

Media of the Future

One Health/One Medicine

Sustainable Energy

Information for Faculty
Information for Students