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The Mizzou Advantage Impact

THE MIZZOU ADVANTAGE TOTAL SUBSEQUENT ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: $42,010,993; AAU Phase I Indicator Grants: $29,166,588; AAU Phase II Indicator Grants: $3,189,125; Non AAU Awards: $5,029,280; Advancement: $4,626,000; Publications: 386; Presentations: 858; Guest Speakers and Prestigious Visitors: 1,239; Publicity Articles: 351; Patents: 10; Faculty Hires: 9 **1 of whom is a NAS Member; Graduate Certificates: 3; Online MA Program: 1; Major: 1

In 2010, the University of Missouri began investing strategically in its areas of expertise through The Mizzou Advantage initiative. The vast majority of the investment is awarded to our faculty, staff and students to support research, networking events, high-impact conferences, speakers, instructional development and faculty hires.

More importantly, The Mizzou Advantage investments have assisted many of our faculty in pursuing and winning external grants. Many of these grants are recognized by the prestigious Association of American Universities. The University of Missouri is one of 62 leading research universities in the United States to belong to the AAU. MU’s association with the AAU builds the MU brand as a high-caliber research institution and assists the University in recruiting the most talented and productive faculty and staff. In addition, since its inception, The Mizzou Advantage has received more than $4 million in donations to support the program.

The recipients of The Mizzou Advantage awards have reported that the investments have led to more than $42 million in subsequent economic activity brought to the university. This return not only supports research and activities that add to the world’s collective knowledge, but it also supports jobs on campus and throughout the state. MU has invested in a strategy for success. The investment in The Mizzou Advantage Initiative is yielding important returns.

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