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Bioengineering for Basic Needs

April 25, 2013

MU assistant professor of forestry Francisco Aguilar is turning animal waste into cooking fuel using a bio-digester. Aguilar learned about bio-digesters several years ago in Costa Rica, and has recently written an installation manual.  Additionally, he has implemented this technology at several different locations around the world.  The work of assistant professor Aguilar is related to Mizzou Advantage’s Sustainable Energy and Food For the Future initiatives.

Story by:  CAFNR News

We cook omelets, stir-fry vegetables and boil pasta within minutes with the turn of a switch. For much of the world, cooking food is not so simple, and involves first gathering fuel to make fire — and often that fuel source is wood.

It’s a problem when that wood is far from home, and when the resource isn’t replenished. Francisco Aguilar, assistant professor of forestry in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) is trying to assuage those issues with an ingenious solution — turning animal waste into cooking fuel in a biogas plant, or bio-digester.  See more…