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CAFNR Climate Scientist Joins Russian Counterparts on Moscow TV

May 17, 2013

Tony Lupo, department chair of Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia, recently appeared as a panelist on a Moscow television station. Lupo joined a group of well known Russian climatologists.  This story is related to the initiatives of Mizzou Advantage.


Story by:  CAFNR News

When Russian television network NTB (NTV in English) wanted to explain wild weather swings from cold and snowy to warm and dry around Moscow, they gathered a group of climate scientists as a discussion panel. One of their experts could only speak a few words of Russian.

Tony Lupo, department chair of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences and professor in the MU School of Natural Resources, was tapped as one of the experts. Other scientists belonged to the prestigious Russian Academy of Science.

Lupo is known for his research in atmospheric blocking – one of the reasons for the unusual Moscow weather. Blocking occurs when a powerful high-pressure area, which usually moves west to east, gets stuck in one place. Following pressure areas grind to a halt behind it – sometimes for several days or even weeks. See more…