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Clinical research made possible with new facilities

October 26, 2012

The new Clinical Research Center expands on the University’s many existing resources for translational research. The center will make developing experimental treatments to test new drugs, devices and other therapies possible for researchers. It will facilitate research to make potentially lifesaving treatments accessible before they are widely available otherwise.

Story by School of Medicine News

The University of Missouri’s new Clinical Research Center gives scientists across campus more resources for developing experimental treatments for patients. The center, which officially opened Sept. 27, is particularly equipped to support clinical trials that test new drugs, devices and other therapies.

Clinical trials are research studies that are carefully designed to answer questions about the safety and effectiveness of new medical treatments. In addition to drugs and devices, these treatments could involve types of exercise, nutritional regimens or mental health therapies.

“MU’s new Clinical Research Center will give patients access to potentially lifesaving treatments before they are widely available, including treatments that might not be available anywhere else,” said Jamal Ibdah, MD, PhD, director of MU’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and senior associate dean for research at MU’s medical school. “MU now has all the facilities it needs to transform discoveries made across campus into new products and services for patients.” More…