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Cook Honored For Enhancing Pets’ Lives

May 7, 2013

The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Jimi Cook has been named the 2013 recipient of The World Small Animal Veterinary Association Pet Mobility Award. Dr. Cook has a dual appointment at the MU School of Medicine in the area of orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Cook has been involved in Mizzou Advantage’s One Health/One Medicine initiative.

Story by:  College of Veterinary Medicine News


The World Small Animal Veterinary Association recently named Dr. Jimi Cook of the MU College of Veterinary Medicine as the 2013 recipient of its WVAVA Hill’s Pet Mobility Award. Cook, DVM, PhD, ACVS, ACVSMR is the William and Kathryn Allen Distinguished Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery and director of the Comparative Orthopaedic Laboratory. He has a dual appointment in orthopaedic surgery at the MU School of Medicine.

The WVAVA award recognizes the outstanding work of a clinical researcher in the field of canine and feline orthopaedic medicine and surgery. The recipient’s research contributes significantly to the well-being of pets’ lives and to the human-animal bond worldwide through improvements in the mobility and quality of life of pets.

Cook received a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in 1988. He earned his DVM degree in 1994 at the University of Missouri. He then went on to complete a small animal rotating internship at the University of Minnesota. He returned to the University of Missouri in 1995 for a dual PhD and small animal surgery residency program. He completed his PhD in pathobiology in 1998. His PhD research involved developing a unique in vitro system of chondrocyte culture for studying osteoarthritis.  See more…