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Interactive Theatre Troupe Helps Improve Communication Between Doctor and Patient

May 1, 2013

Students, faculty, staff and other guests had the opportunity to view a performance of “Dialogues About Breast Cancer” at Mizzou Advantage Day on April 30. Designed to encourage health professionals to show more compassion, these sketches are written by Heather Carver, an associate professor and director of graduate studies in the Theatre Department.  Heather is also a breast cancer survivor.  The Interactive Theatre Troupe applied for and received a Mizzou Advantage grant early in 2013.

Story by:  Mizzou Weekly


In fall 2005, Heather Carver was preparing to leave her MU office for a meeting when she got a phone call that changed her life. Her doctor told her she had breast cancer.


“I like my drama on the stage,” said Carver, associate professor and director of graduate studies in the theater department. “I don’t like it in my life.”


As Carver worked through her own diagnosis, treatment and survivorship (today she is cancer-free), she began to notice patterns in the stories told by breast cancer patients about how they were treated by the medical community.  See more…