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Mizzou Advantage Builds on Past Success, Prepares for Upcoming Academic Year

August 26, 2013

University of Missouri’s Mike McKean, Director of the Reynolds Journalism Institute Futures Lab, and Michael Gold, Associate Director in the Center for AgroForestry, have recently been appointed Mizzou Advantage facilitators.  McKean will serve as Media of the Future facilitator, while Gold’s responsibilities will include educational programs.

Story by:  MU News Bureau

The University of Missouri is known for its highly collaborative, interdisciplinary culture. Since 2010, four key areas of strength have been collectively known as the Mizzou Advantage: One Health, One Medicine; Sustainable Energy; Media of the Future; and Food for the Future. Nearly 100 research projects involving approximately 400 faculty members and hundreds of students across campus have been spearheaded by a facilitator in each of the four areas in addition to a facilitator that oversees an educational component. As MU prepares for a new academic year, new facilitators for the education component and Media of the Future will continue the progress of the Mizzou Advantage.

Michael Gold, research professor of agroforestry and associate director in the Center for AgroForestry at MU, has been appointed education facilitator for Mizzou Advantage, and Mike McKean, associate professor of journalism and director of the Reynolds Journalism Institute Futures Lab, has been appointed as the facilitator for the Media of the Future area.

As the education facilitator, Gold will work with MU faculty to develop new interdisciplinary instructional programs for each Mizzou Advantage area, adding value and positioning graduates for professional success, developing courses for the certificate programs while complementing the traditional academic majors, and aligning Mizzou Advantage instructional activities with the University’s mission, including the exploration of alternative delivery methods such as hybrid and 100-percent online courses.    See more…