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Mizzou Advantage’s First Faculty Hire is a Genome Analyst

May 1, 2013

Over the next five years, Mizzou Advantage plans to hire 20 new faculty.  The first of these hires is Dr. Chris Elsik, an associate professor with a joint appointment in the animal and plant science divisions of CAFNR.  Elsik has extensively researched gene sequenced in cattle as well as honeybees.  One of Mizzou Advantage’s main objectives is to increase collaborative, interdisciplinary research.

Story by:  Mizzou Weekly

Christine Elsik is the first new hire for Mizzou Advantage. She has a joint appointment as an associate professor in the animal and plant sciences divisions of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). Elsik, who comes to MU from Georgetown University, specializes in analyzing genomes that have been sequenced.

“Genomes consist of billions of nucleotides, but only a small fraction of those code for the genes that actually do the functions that many biologists want to learn about,” Elsik said. “Basically, I’m the bridge between the sequencing output and the researchers who use the sequence.”  See more…