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MU and Former Hallmark Executive Partner to Help Prepare University Students For Creative Missouri Jobs

May 13, 2013

Mizzou Advantage is fortunate to have the expertise of retired Hallmark editor Ron Green as a consultant.  His goal is to strengthen the digital storytelling industry in and around the Kansas City area. Digital storytelling is an important piece of the Mizzou Advantage Media of the Future initiative.

Story by:  Mizzou Weekly


About two years ago, Ron Green, then an executive at the Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City, met with Charles Davis, a professor in the School of Journalism and facilitator of the Media of the Future Initiative for Mizzou Advantage.

MU was looking to develop corporate partnerships, and the card company was interested in brainstorming how best to move forward despite the decline of print media. Green and Davis discussed how the Reynolds Journalism Institute and Hallmark could work together in the digital age.

During the meeting, Davis mentioned that the school had been working on an initiative focusing on digital storytelling. “Ron practically leapt up,” Davis said.

Green is well-versed in telling stories through digital mediums. His first 15 years in editorial set the stage for his development. Later he founded and for 13 years led Hallmark’s Creative University, which took 1,400 artists, calligraphers, designers, photographers and videographers — one of the largest creative staffs of any company in the world — and transformed them from working in conventional artwork formats to digital design and multimedia. See more…