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Students Learn Hospitality Business by Catering MU Staff and Faculty Events

May 6, 2013

At the University of Missouri, students have a chance to apply the skills they are learning in hospitality and event management classes. Both The University Club and University Catering and Event Services provide opportunities for students to work in serving food and bar tending.  Additionally, four students majoring in hospitality are selected as interns each year.   This program is related to the Food For the Future initiative of Mizzou Advantage.

Story by:  Mizzou Weekly

Tables are set. Staff and faculty write their names on sticky nametags. Slowly they filter into the Reynolds Alumni Center’s Great Room, where waiters stand ready to serve.

A busy day awaits them as they serve food and beverages to faculty, staff and guests at multiple events. But their busy-ness doesn’t end there. Many of the wait staff are students, as well.

About 180 MU students work for The University Club and University Catering & Event Services. The University Club served 76, 469 guests in banquet events in 2012. University Catering & Event Services can serve up to 20 events per day.

The two businesses operate somewhat independently but also complement each other. The University Club organizes events in the Reynolds Alumni Center’s five available rooms, whereas University Catering & Event Services caters food on and off campus.

MU students work events for both groups, and although the majority of them bartend and serve food, four students majoring in hospitality are chosen to intern for the services. The two-semester internship allows students to try three areas of event management: planning and executing, preparing food arrangements, and coordinating service.

The goal is that by the end of their internship, they can take an event from its inception to its conclusion, said Carolyn Foreman, event manager of University Club. see more…