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High Impact Conference Grants (Up to $20,000)

A special announcement about the Mizzou Advantage program

Opportunity: Fall and Spring 2017-18

The Mizzou Advantage is pleased to announce a call for high impact conference proposals that support one or more Mizzou Advantage areas including Food for the Future, One Health/One Medicine, Sustainable Energy, and Media of the Future. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until funds have been expended. Requests are limited to $20,000.00.

Review Criteria

The Mizzou Advantage area facilitators will evaluate and proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. Event has strong and direct ties to one or more areas of the Mizzou Advantage Initiative and is clearly interdisciplinary
  2. Event has significant and demonstrated financial support from other relevant partners across campus and/or in the private sector/government agencies, etc.
  3. Event planning delineates specific role/responsibilities of individual event coordinators as they relate to event planning and execution
  4. Event structure (speakers, panels, papers, etc.) is well conceived and clear
  5. Marketing/advertising strategy to promote the event and drive attendance is clear and compelling
  6. Anticipated outcomes of the event are clear and compelling (grant writing partnerships, publications, advancement opportunities, etc.)
  7. Proposal identifies outcomes that fit with Mizzou Advantage and MU priorities (e.g., competitive grants, high impact publications, recognition for MU interdisciplinary strengths in research or education)
  8. includes a clear post-event strategy to achieve the stated outcomes
  9. Proposal includes a clear, complete, and fiscally sound budget
  10. Proposal furthers the strategic priorities of the relevant department(s)/unit(s) as reflected by the letter(s) of support.

Note that funds will not be approved to support faculty/staff salaries, student health insurance or student tuition.


Applications must not exceed five pages (excluding CV, budget, and letter(s) of support) which may be appended. Include the following information in your proposal dossier:

  • Lead faculty name and department
  • Names and brief description of each organizer’s role(s) and responsibilities in the planning, execution, and post-event strategies
  • Date, location and brief description of the proposed conference/symposium
  • Explanation of how this activity is interdisciplinary and relates to/ furthers the mission of Mizzou Advantage and MU
  • Delineation of event structure (theme, speakers, panels, papers, etc.)
  • Marketing/advertising strategy
  • Explanation of anticipated outcomes of significance
  • Post event plan that articulates how the anticipated outcomes will be achieved
  • A full budget including all anticipated expenses and revenues including a complete list of other financial partners sponsoring the event and their dedicated contributions (Mizzou Advantage will consider requests up to $20,000.00)
  • An up-to-date CV from the lead applicant
  • Letter(s) of support from relevant department chair(s) and/divisional director(s) reflecting that the proposed event fits within/furthers the strategic priorities of the unit.

Submit completed proposals in pdf form to Receipt of Mizzou Advantage conference funds requires that recipients file an annual outcomes report and that the Mizzou Advantage is acknowledged for its support in all written material and during the event itself. Please note that if the conference/symposium does not take place, funds will be returned to Mizzou Advantage.

Contact Program Coordinator LeAnne Stewart at with any questions or concerns.