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Mizzou Advantage Interdisciplinary Research Grants: Resubmission

If your proposal is not recommended for funding you have the option of resubmitting a revised proposal to another Mizzou Advantage Interdisciplinary research deadline. However, there is a limit of one resubmission for a given project within a two-year period.

There is one additional requirement for a resubmission (in addition to the proposal). We ask that you also include a statement (2-page limit) with your resubmission that specifically addresses the comments of the reviewers and how the revised proposal reflects your consideration of those comments. The applicant should not only include a response statement; she/he should also edit the Detailed Plan of Project accordingly. In addition, while the request for a resubmission is promising, it should be emphasized that this does not guarantee eventual approval or award.

After an application and a revised resubmission of that application have been denied funding, any subsequent application cannot be a revision of the previously submitted proposal; for example, it is not sufficient to merely change portions of the aims or methods and re-submit the proposal. In other words, if a proposal has been submitted two times for a Mizzou Advantage Interdisciplinary Research Grant and not funded, it cannot be revised and re-submitted. The Research Council recognizes that for many PIs, multiple projects in a research program may bear some similarities to one another. However, a new proposal must differ substantially from previously unfunded proposals. If the new proposal does overlap with a previously unfunded proposal, the PI is asked to include in the new application a discussion of the nature and extent of overlap in order to support the new application’s substantial difference.

To submit a resubmission in eFunding you will need to complete a new submission and upload the statement mentioned above. The statement needs to be coded in eFunding as Response to Reviewers (Resubmission only).