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Collaborative Portals for Interdisciplinary Working Groups: Evolutionary Studies and Science Studies


The Evolutionary Studies group at the University of Missouri comprises a loosely affiliated group of faculty and students with a common interest in exploring biological evolution, its development, and its impact across traditional academic disciplines including the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. Participants share information and ideas, host speakers, teach courses, and conduct research at these interfaces to further our understanding of evolution in the modern world.

Mizzou Advantage awarded the group a grant to foster interdisciplinary conversations around evolutionary theory.


Led by Stefani Engelstein, associate professor of German and director of MU’s Life Sciences and Society Symposium, the evolutionary studies group at Mizzou continues to grow. Especially popular is the EvoBlitz, monthly mini-presentations and Q&A sessions by researchers from across campus who are using evolutionary theory to enrich their understanding of various fields. Professors from departments including biological sciences, philosophy, anthropology, English, comparative genomics, plant sciences, bioinformatics and many others have presented at the well-attended events.

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