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Collaborative Success Stories: A News Dimension


MU3D and MizzouVR are exploring three-dimensional journalism.

From stereoscope slides of the St. Louis World’s Fair to black-and-white Life Magazine photos of work on the mighty Hoover Dam to television images of astronauts from the surface of the Moon, photography has always given Americans a sense of their history. But what if instead of showing the news, journalists could put people in the middle of it? The virtual reality (VR) techniques being developed by the MU3D project have already made that a reality.

The question of how to customize and maximize interaction with news and brands is on the minds of researchers and news professionals who comprise MU3D. The project has two branches. The first, Mizzou’s Immersive Visualization Lab, enables investigators to interact with virtual environments in order to solve logistical and other issues. The second branch, MizzouVR Journalism, is developing procedures that allow for rapid distribution of 360° VR images on a newspaper website – giving viewers the ability to be in the middle of the scene with action happening everywhere they turn.

The MU3D project extends across campus and beyond with collaborators in journalism, architectural studies, agriculture, computer science and more. Their collective expertise helps position the University of Missouri at the leading edge of media and technology.

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