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Collaborative Success Stories: In Charge

Collaborative Success Stories: In Charge

University of Missouri is part of an effort to improve electric vehicles.

With a $2.2 million grant from U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), MU chemical engineer Chad Xing is collaborating with battery manufacturer EaglePicher Technologies, LLC on a project involving lithium ion batteries. The partnership is one of just 16 projects nationwide chosen to help meet the DOE’s goal of making electric vehicles as affordable as gasoline-powered vehicles by the year 2022.

The research team is working to improve the production process of lithium ion batteries. Such batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, but they are expensive. Xing invented a new, more economical technology that uses chemical compounds and specialized equipment to create metal oxides for use in the batteries. The compounds use green biomass materials, making them environmentally friendly. EaglePicher’s role is to test the creation process and the batteries produced.

While the main expected benefit of the project is driving down the cost of electric automobiles, an additional bonus could be experienced in the job market, with wider adoption of the vehicles opening the door for more battery manufacturing jobs.

Dr. Chad Xing is a professor of chemical engineering in MU’s College of Engineering.

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