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Collaborative Success Stories: Keeping it Cool

bill ma

ThermAvant, LLC offers innovative cooling technologies to help satellites and other equipment work more efficiently.

From communications to weather forecasts, satellites keep modern civilization running smoothly. Yet, due to insufficient cooling technologies, current satellite processors run at just ten percent of their operating capacity. A more efficient cooling system that reduces core temperature would allow up to ten times more processing capability. ThermAvant has developed just such a system.

The firm uses an innovative technology called oscillating heat pipes (OHP) developed by company founder Bill Ma, which cools more quickly, is less expensive than current systems and can be constructed on a microscale. In response to a solicitation from the U.S. Air Force, ThermAvant developed a new microchip carrier which is already being tested by manufacturers of several major commercial and military satellite and aerospace systems.

ThermAvant’s OHP technology has a wide variety of commercial applications including electronics. It can be embedded into virtually any material of any shape or size, cooling surrounding objects up to 100 times faster. In addition to OHP products, ThermAvant offers advanced ejector refrigeration technologies. The firm also provides business consulting services.

Dr. Bill Ma is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and director of the Center for Thermal Management in MU’s College of Engineering.

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