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Collaborative Success Stories: Leading the Cloud

Collaborative Success Stories: Leading t;he Cloud

University of Missouri researchers have created a visual cloud computing architecture to aid decision-making in disasters.

In disaster scenarios, rescue efforts must be launched quickly. Security cameras, civilian smartphones, aerial footage and other visual information can provide critical information to help shape strategies, but processing the abundance of data—difficult even under normal circumstances—can become impossible when internet and telecommunications resources in the disaster area are damaged.

To solve the problem, computer scientists Prasad Calyam, Ye Duan and Kannappan Palaniappan developed a system which transfers data from the disaster site to a computation cloud via special algorithms developed by the team. The new approach enables large visual data to be more efficiently processed by adaptively choosing between computation close to the disaster site (i.e., in the ‘fog’) or in a core ‘cloud.’ The processing produces improved visual situation awareness and enables first responders to make more timely and informed decisions.

The researchers are currently working with Missouri Task Force One and other safety groups who are testing the system in the field. The ultimate goal is to make the technology widely available—giving responders a critical edge and helping save lives.

Dr. Prasad Calyam is an assistant professor of computer science, Dr. Ye Duan is an associate professor of computer science and Dr. Kannappan Palaniappan is a professor of computer science. They are housed in the College of Engineering.

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