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Collaborative Success Stories: Mood Monitor

mood trek app

MoodTrekTM gives both patients with depression and their doctors a better picture of how the disease manifests.

As many as one in four Americans are affected by depression; however, many people treated for the disease see a doctor less than once a month. To help patients track their moods between visits, University of Missouri researcher Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishna worked with Sriram Chellapan and a team from Missouri University of Science and Technology and the MU affiliated Tiger Institute for Health Innovation to develop MoodTrekTM: an app that lets users log their symptoms and share it with their healthcare providers.

The app allows users to rate their moods on a scale of one to five. Because behavioral health has been linked to sleep and activity levels, the app also tracks sleep and exercise data. Users can enter the information manually or link to a Fitbit® activity tracker. Additionally, the app offers a journaling feature and includes a helpline that can connect the user with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

For patients whose providers use a Cerner-developed electronic medical record, the information is automatically uploaded to their medical records. Users can also independently download reports of their mood, sleep and activity levels.

By illuminating how activity, sleep and mood interact, MoodTrekTM helps both patients and providers take steps toward better health outcomes.

Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishna is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the MU School of Medicine and a psychiatrist at MU Health Care.

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