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Collaborative Success Stories: Setting Their Site

nurse and patient

University of Missouri researchers developed The Foresite System to extend independence and longevity of life for senior citizens.

MU faculty Marilyn Rantz and Marjorie Skubic collaborated across their respective fields of nursing and engineering to pioneer a state-of-the-art monitoring technology for seniors. The innovation, licensed through Foresite Healthcare, uses wireless sensors to detect early signs of illness and functional decline.

More than ten years of research and testing went into the Foresite System, which monitors vital signs and body movements. Foresite detects early signs of illness or physical faltering, signaling the need for treatment and preventing many falls. If a fall does occur, the system alerts healthcare providers and also enables them to rewind and review falls to help pinpoint injuries.

Foresite technology is being utilized at MU’s TigerPlace, a research-based senior community focused around improving quality of life for elders, and in several assisted living facilities in Missouri. It can also be purchased for private residences located near the University of Missouri through Sinclair Home Care. Through these real-world uses, Foresite’s creators have witnessed their invention enhance quality of care, lower healthcare costs and increase independence for seniors.

Dr. Marilyn Rantz is a professor in the Sinclair School of Nursing, and Dr. Marjorie Skubic is a professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department with a joint appointment in the Computer Science Department.

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