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Collaborative Success Stories: Technological Refuge

Technological Refuge app

New app offers help to abuse victims.

Intimate partner abuse. The phrase is paradoxical – partners are supposed to love and respect one another. Yet one in four women in the U.S. has experienced domestic violence.  Studies show that 18-24 year-olds are at the greatest risk for domestic violence. Now, MU nursing professor Tina Bloom has developed a new resource for this group of at-risk women.

Because victims in this age range usually carry smartphones – even if they’re just going somewhere to cry – Bloom deduced that a mobile application would be a useful tool. In collaboration with the One Love Foundation and researchers at Johns Hopkins, Arizona State and Oregon Health and Science universities, and the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, she created an app called One Love My Plan. The app helps users create a safety plan and provides links to local and national resources. For concerned friends and family members, the app also offers sample conversations to approach a victim who may need help.

Dr. Tina Bloom is associate professor of nursing and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar at MU’s Sinclair School of Nursing.

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