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Collaborative Success Stories: The Road to Relief


Bone cancer causes severe, chronic pain. To relieve it, MU researchers began a journey that successfully ended with the development of Quadramet.

Drug development is a complicated progression which includes preliminary research, clinical trials, FDA approval and mass production. The process, called “bench-to-bedside,” rarely takes place in a single location. Through a joint project with Dow and Dr. Jaime Simòn, a Mizzou alum, MU scientists were responsible for every step of Quadramet’s development – from conception to animal and human trials. The university even has a hand in producing the drug; the active ingredient is manufactured at MU’s Research Reactor.

As the drug went through animal trials, MU veterinarians used it to treat companion animals who were suffering from cancer. Missouri resident Kay Fox watched in relief as the drug was administered to the family dog—alleviating the pain for her beloved pet.

Quadramet can be administered by injection on an outpatient basis and provides relief in as early as one week—good news for the more than 200,000 Americans who suffer pain from bone metastases each year. And welcome news for Kay Fox, who found herself back at MU when her father was diagnosed with cancer. Once again, Quadramet provided a welcome reprieve for her loved one.

The University of Missouri’s bench-to-bedside expertise improves quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

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