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Featured Profile: Andrea Heiss

Andrea Heiss

Dr. Andrea Heiss understands the art of journalism.

Heiss has taught at universities all over the world. As a Fulbright professor in South Korea, where she lived for seven years, Heiss wrote and presented about American culture to programs in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Russia. She has won many awards including an additional Fulbright and a National Endowment for the Humanities grant.

Heiss’ research interests include cultural history, contemporary literature and new journalism (the use of literary techniques in newswriting) as well as modern American art. She has a history of arts-related work, including grant writing and consulting for the Museum of Modern Art’s Institute for Art and Urban Resources.

Her expertise and experience make Heiss eminently qualified to lead the journalism school’s Arts-In-Depth Program. The program offers courses in music, art and theatre to journalism students who wish to enrich their understanding of the arts and to clarify their sense of the connections between the arts and journalism.

Dr. Andrea Heiss is an associate professor of magazine journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism.

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