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Featured Profile: Bill Jacoby

Bill Jacoby

Dr. William “Bill” Jacoby’s research is supercritical.

Jacoby uses supercritical fluid – water heated and pressurized to a state between liquid and steam – to efficiently convert biomass solids and residues into heat or fuel gas.

The Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge is funding Jacoby, along with collaborators at Duke University, to make sewage sludge “disappear.” Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) destroys the waste while producing heat to drive the process. The team has designed and built and is now testing a system to treat the waste from 1,000 people. This SCWO system fits inside a 20 foot shipping container for eventual deployment in the third world.

Jacoby and his colleagues at the University of Missouri’s Carbon Recycling Center began exploring Supercritical Water Gasification as a means of producing fuel gas from a wide variety of biomass, including algae. A Mizzou Advantage-funded project led to the collaboration with Duke.

Dr. Bill Jacoby holds joint appointments in the Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. He is also the director of MU’s Carbon Recycling Center.

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