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Featured Profile: Candy Gabel

Candace Gabel

Candance “Candy” Gabel is teaching Missourians how to eat better and live longer.

Gabel has a mission: teach Missourians with limited resources to eat better and live longer. She oversees the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and the Family Nutrition Program (FNP) as part of her work at the University of Missouri.

EFNEP assists Missourians with limited resources, primarily women with children, to achieve lifelong health and fitness. The program also offers nutrition education to 4-H groups. The FNP is Missouri’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education program, bringing the latest nutritional information to low-income Missourians. Both help clients achieve lifelong health and fitness.

Those who practice healthy eating and physical activity are far more likely to enjoy a higher quality of life as an adult and into old age. And a healthy labor force is critical to attracting and keeping jobs in Missouri and reducing healthcare costs, saving taxpayers money.

FNP is funded by the USDA through the Food and Nutrition Service Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. EFNEP is also funded by the USDA.

Candy Gabel is a registered and licensed dietitian. She is the assistant program director for the MU College of Human Environmental Sciences and state coordinator for MU Extension Family Nutrition Education Programs.

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