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Featured Profile: Carolyn Henry

Carolyn Henry

Dr. Carolyn Henry wants researchers to think differently.

Health professionals from around the globe recognize Henry by reputation as an outstanding researcher, scholar and speaker. She has become an enthusiastic representative of a growing global initiative, known as One Health, which recognizes that the health of humans is linked to plants, animals, the environment and individual circumstances. Those who meet her personally quickly realize she is also an innovator, an advocate and a champion for collaboration.

As associate dean for research and graduate studies for the College of Veterinary Medicine and the director of research for the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, Henry has a broad understanding of how to address research to yield dynamic results. Her first suggestion: collaborate with scientists from other disciplines. She practices this in her own research on cancer in animals and humans.

In addition, Henry creates partnerships on and off campus as the One Health/One Medicine facilitator for The Mizzou Advantage initiative, which capitalizes on MU’s areas of greatest strength. In that role, she connects researchers who have expertise in comparative oncology and orthopaedics, nutrition, genomics, neurodevelopmental disorders, cardiovascular research and more. Henry sees linkages between departments that, on the surface, seem unrelated. She is universally regarded as an invaluable asset to the One Health community.

Dr. Carolyn Henry, DVM, MS, is professor of veterinary oncology and holds dual appointments at the College of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Medicine.

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