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Featured Profile: Cerry Klein

Cerry Klein

Dr. Cerry Klein is helping make biomass solutions more affordable.

Biomass is a clear answer to the question of how the United States will address its needs for renewable, sustainable energy resources. But logistical challenges and related financial considerations surrounding the initiation and operation of biomass supply and energy output facilities are less obvious.

To help create a solution, Klein and his team are focused on a dynamic simulation model of biomass-based energy. The computer-based model will take a number of variables and pinpoint strategic locations for biomass processing facilities.

Klein has specialized in the development of decision-making tools and modeling, as well as algorithmic development for manufacturing and service systems. Among the industrial and government institutions that have funded Klein’s research are the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, McDonnell Douglas, Ameren Missouri, Union Electric and the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Klein has served as the Program Director for the Service Enterprise Engineering and Manufacturing Enterprise Systems programs at the National Science Foundation. He is currently a facilitator for The Mizzou Advantage initiative, which capitalizes on MU’s areas of greatest strength. Klein serves in the area of Sustainable Energy, building networks of faculty with expertise in sustainable energy development, production, distribution and education.

Dr. Cerry Klein is a C.W. LaPierre Professor of Engineering in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems at MU’s College of Engineering.

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