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Featured Profile: Charlie Maitz

Charlie Maitz

Dr. Charles “Charlie” Maitz is working to defeat cancer.

In Maitz’s tenure at the University of Missouri, he has become a valued presence in radiation oncology. His research crosses between the college of veterinary medicine, the medical school, the MU Research Reactor and the department of chemistry. Recent work has focused on a process called neutron capture therapy to detect and destroy tumors. Maitz and a team of researchers gave boron injections to mice with cancer before treating them with radiation. The mice’s tumors did not grow as large as the tumors in those that received no injections.

Maitz is also interested in minimizing the side effects associated with radiation. He is examining methods of integrating new technologies, including 3D printing, into radiation oncology.

“My favorite thing about radiation oncology is that it is sort of a hybrid of biology and engineering, where we have the ability to use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to directly treat cancer,” Maitz says. “It is the ability to be constantly learning and staying on the cutting edge of discovery that draws me

Dr. Charlie Maitz, a Mizzou Advantage faculty hire, is an assistant professor with appointments in the School of Medicine and College of Veterinary Medicine. He has been recognized by the American College of Radiology.

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