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Featured Profile: Chung-Ho Lin

Chung Ho Lin

Dr. Chung-Ho Lin proves the power of the plant.

Lin’s enthusiasm for plant and environmental sciences makes him one of the most diversified researchers at the University of Missouri. Projects have ranged from developing probiotic products which replace chemicals used in leather tanning – an industry which has largely shut down in the U.S. due to its inability to meet federal environmental standards – to cleaning dangerous soil and groundwater contaminants from armaments facilities using pollution-eating enzymes.

Lin has conducted extensive research related to trees. He has demonstrated that trees can be used to break down ground-polluting agrochemicals and to reduce odors from confined animal feeding operations. He also discovered that the Eastern redcedar tree contains compounds that fight MRSA, a flesh-eating bacteria that plagues hospitals.

Now, Lin and an interdisciplinary team of MU researchers are focusing on cellulosic biofuel: fuel derived from inedible leaves, stems and other fibrous plant matter. Lin and his colleagues are using specially-engineered enzymes to lower the cost of converting the biomass to fuel. The technology is the base for their firm, Tiger Energy Solutions, LLC.

Dr. Chung-Ho Lin holds two patents and is a research assistant professor in the Department of Forestry, part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

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