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Featured Profile: Clyde Bentley

Clyde Bentley

University of Missouri journalist Dr. Clyde Bentley is plugged in to media’s past and future.

Clyde Bentley’s passion is “near-term futurism”— keeping his mind five years ahead of his life. It’s a tactic that has allowed him to break new ground in several areas of journalism. He teaches Emerging Technologies in Journalism and co-leads the MU3D project that develops virtual reality protocols that allow journalists to post 360° images and video.

A 25-year newsroom veteran, Bentley has experience in all aspects of newspaper journalism. He studied at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies and the American Press Institute before joining the MU faculty in 2001 where – in addition to teaching – he serves as a member of MU’s

Center for the Digital Globe, a campus-wide effort to study the future of the internet, as well as the campus Cyberinfrastructure Council.

Bentley’s research focuses on trends that are on the cusp of adoption by journalists. That helped him create MyMissourian, a grassroots journalism hub, and develop what came to be known as citizen journalism in the early 2000s. He went on to study the potential of mobile phones back when “flip phones” were the norm.

Dr. Clyde Bentley is an associate professor of print and digital news in the Missouri School of Journalism.

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