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Featured Profile: David Schulz

David Schulz

University of Missouri researcher Dr. David Schulz is advancing discovery in neuroscience.

Schulz focuses on neural networks: interconnected nerve cells that carry out bodily processes such as cardiac activity, digestion and bladder function. He works to better understand how these networks function from both the perspective of an individual cell as well as the coordination of the network as a whole.

Schulz examines various animals to gain his insights. He has investigated Jonah crabs, whose neurons are comparable to those in humans, and discovered new information about particular genes that relay messages inside and between neurons. He is also pinpointing genes that impact heartbeat and food processing. Additionally, Schulz demonstrated that individual neurons work actively to maintain a consistent electrical output – a finding that could provide vital clues to developing treatments for epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

By studying mice, Schulz is also working to shed light on how the spinal cord functions. He works at the molecular level to examine how, during development, particular genes cause different characteristics – as well as how those genes may behave in the event of injury.

Dr. David Schulz is an associate professor of biological sciences in the College of Arts and Science and a member of MU’s Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program.

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