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Featured Profile: Debra Mason

Debra Mason

Dr. Debra Mason is among the leading U.S. scholars on religion and the media.

An award-winning reporter, Mason has covered, researched and written about religion in the news for more than 30 years. As a scholar, she investigates content of religion news, religious literacy in students, the work of religion journalists and the historical professionalization of the religion beat.

Mason served as director of the journalism school’s interdisciplinary Center on Religion and the Professions, which works to improve the religious literacy of professionals and help them serve a diverse public. She is also creator and executive editor of ReligionLink. This online compilation of ideas, tools and articles is the most widely-used resource for journalists writing about religion. In addition, Mason directs the Religion Newswriters Association and manages, another collection of resources for journalists reporting on religion.

Mason works on the national level. In 2011, she created a new nonprofit organization to acquire Religion News Service, a national wire service. She converted its business model into a nonprofit and developed models for local religion news online. In 2013, Mason was named to the Media Diversity Forum, a national website centered around diversity research and news.

Dr. Debra L. Mason is a professor of journalism studies at the Missouri School of Journalism.

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