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Featured Profile: Doug Randall

Doug Randall

Renowned scientist Dr. Douglas Randall has fueled research at the University of Missouri and beyond.

Randall is nationally recognized as an expert in biochemistry. He served two terms on the National Science Board (NSB), a prestigious group made up of 24 of the nation’s top scientists appointed by the president of the United States. As an NSB member, Randall helped advise Congress and the president on science policy while working to advance national health and promote scientific progress.

At the University of Missouri, Randall spent more than four decades investigating plant metabolism, plant cell signaling and protein phosphorylation — a vital process thought to be involved in most developmental and environmental responses in plants. His work led to the formation of the Plant Protein Phosphorylation Working Group, comprised of more than 45 research teams across the nation.

Randall’s impressive body of research also led to the establishment of MU’s Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG), which brings together university researchers, students and professionals to broaden the field of plant biology. Randall served as the IPG’s first director, helping to create collaborative opportunities for researchers hoping to solve plant-related problems and feed a growing population.

Dr. Douglas Randall is an emeritus professor of biochemistry, an interdisciplinary unit of the School of Medicine and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at MU and a Thomas Jefferson Fellow in the University of Missouri System.

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