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Featured Profile: Elizabeth Loboa

Elizabeth Loboa

Dean Elizabeth Loboa ranks among the nation’s top bioengineers.

As a mechanical engineering student at Stanford, Loboa worked with a craniofacial surgeon on challenges such as repairing cleft palates and separating conjoined twins. She continues to be motivated by the chance to help repair wounded bodies. With her understanding of mechanics, modeling, materials and regenerative biology, Loboa creates treatment advances in such varied areas as physiology, textiles and orthopedics.

Loboa helped advance development of nanofibrous “smart bandages” for wounds that require ongoing care; over time, these bandages release antimicrobial, antibacterial, and/or anti-inflammatory treatments. Also, she tested common ways of weaving fabrics and discovered that living tissue could be grown using similar methods. Recently, Loboa uncovered key information about osteoporosis in older women when she discovered that human adipose (fat) stem cells convert to bone at different rates, affecting calcium absorption.

At the University of Missouri, Loboa oversees nine disciplines, 103 faculty members and 3,500 undergraduate students, as well as a variety of research centers, programs and facilities. In 2016, she was elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering College of Fellows. This elite group is considered the top 2 percent of achievers in the fields of medical and biological engineering.

Dr. Elizabeth Loboa is dean of the College of Engineering and a professor of bioengineering at the college.

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