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Featured Profile: Ellen Wan

Ellen Wan

Dr. Ellen Wan steps on the gas to accelerate biofuel production.

Wan is searching to find solutions to some of biofuel’s most prevailing issues. She works to make biofuel production more efficient, environmentally friendly and less expensive.

Wan runs MU’s bioprocessing lab, where she and her team dedicate their time to developing new technologies for converting biomass into biofuels and bioproducts. The team’s wide range of experiments includes research on biomass pretreatment, biomass conversion, bioreactor design and fermentation processes.

Wan and her team focus on biofuel production with an eye toward environmental responsibility. She hopes to reduce the industry’s overall production costs. “It is important for the agriculture and food industry to convert their processing byproducts into value-added products,” Wan says. “This not only brings revenue, but also addresses environmental issues associated with waste disposal.”

Dr. Ellen Wan is a Mizzou Advantage faculty hire and assistant professor for the Bioengineering Department in MU’s College of Engineering and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

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