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Featured Profile: Gary Baker

Gary Baker

University of Missouri researcher Dr. Gary Baker is connecting the dots.

Baker’s research focuses on C-dots – nanosized (microscopic) quantum dots built from carbon. The dots are commonly used in medicine for bioimaging and other clinical diagnostics. Baker believes they could also have impact in the field of energy.

Much like photosynthesis in plants, C-dots are able to harvest light and transform it into energy. Baker and other campus researchers are investigating them as a new method for building solar cells. C-dots are non-toxic and can be synthesized from a variety of sources, including biomass waste. In addition, they are much less costly than traditional solar materials.

The project builds on Baker’s decades of scholarly work. Baker, who sits on editorial boards for Plasmonics and International Journal of Green Nanotechnology, has published more than 200 articles on nano research, ionic liquids and other sustainable energy sources.

In addition to his research, Baker is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the sciences. In 2013, he helped launch an outreach program for female students in high school and college, designed to ignite a lifelong interest in science and scientific careers.

Dr. Gary Baker is assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences at MU.

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