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Featured Profile: Glen T. Cameron

Glen Cameron

Public relations authority Dr. Glen T. Cameron has made a career of bridging technology, communication and healthcare.

Cameron is renowned for his pioneering software development, including his expert system program Publics PR Research Software, a targeting research tool. He also co-invented Treepple, a tailored health newsfeed that helps individuals manage asthma, weight, blood pressure and other issues with easy-to-use online tools.

In addition to his technological expertise, Cameron is a prolific scholar and researcher. He is co-author of the leading introductory public relations textbook, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, and has served as principal investigator or core director on nearly $80 million dollars in funded health and science communication projects. In recognition of his contributions to his field, the Public Relations Society of America has honored Cameron with its prestigious Jackson, Jackson and Wagner Behavioral Science Prize.

Cameron is also founder and director of the University of Missouri’s Health Communication Research Center. There he works with an interdisciplinary team of researchers to better understand the critical role of health and science communication, particularly public relations, in health care.

Dr. Glen Cameron is a professor of family and community medicine in MU’s School of Medicine and Maxine Wilson Gregory Chair in Journalism Research at the School of Journalism.

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