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Featured Profile: Gregory Alexander

Gregory Alexander

University of Missouri researcher and clinician Dr. Gregory Alexander works to improve health outcomes for older adults through information exchange and technology.

When seniors transfer between nursing homes and hospitals, unclear communication can hinder patient care. Funded by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Alexander is working to reduce avoidable re-hospitalizations. An electronic communication system called a health information exchange (HIE) is known to improve patient outcomes; Alexander studied 16 nursing homes and identified additional technological and human resources needed to build and implement effective HIE networks.

Alexander has also demonstrated that rural communities are falling behind in health information technology. His study – the first national assessment of nursing home IT use in more than a decade – found that rural health care organizations have less IT capability for resident registration and admission, and they do not conduct and verify medical tests as well as their urban counterparts. The findings could inform policy makers deciding how best to help rural nursing homes improve their IT sophistication

Insights gained from Alexander’s projects could provide a nationwide model for senior care. In recognition of his expertise, he has received numerous honors including the March of Dimes’ Missouri Nurse of the Year, the Midwest Nursing Research Society’s Nursing Informatics Researcher Award and a Fulbright Scholarship.

Dr. Gregory Alexander is a professor of clinical informatics and human computer interaction in the Sinclair School of Nursing.

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