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Featured Profile: Jerry Taylor

Jerry Taylor

Dr. Jeremy “Jerry” Taylor is a world leader in animal genomics

Taylor uses genetic mapping to identify economically important traits in cattle including milk production, disease resistance and feed efficiency. He then applies this information to cattle breeding selection and management. His unique research methods of generating DNA profiles allow for profound changes and studies without the high costs of the past – cutting financial and environmental costs while reducing food insecurity. His research has paved the way to using DNA-based genomic improvement in nearly all livestock and crop species.

Taylor has received many honors for his work, including Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has given more than 400 national and 60 international invited presentations and holds five patents.

Thirty years in to his renowned career, Taylor’s passion for studying genetics and solving practical problems remains strong. “My work is enormously satisfying and strongly motivates me as a person,” he says. “I still get up each morning and can’t wait to get to work and get to doing science.”

Dr. Jerry Taylor is University of Missouri Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences and Wurdack Chair of Animal Genomics in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, with a joint appointment in the College of Arts and Science’s Anthropology Department.

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