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Featured Profile: Katherine Reed

Katherine Reed

Katherine Reed helps journalists and citizens understand trauma.
Reed, who has 30 years of journalism experience, got her start as a police reporter. After getting a close look at the workings of the criminal justice system, she became a victim’s advocate and a consultant for the National Victim’s Center, focusing primarily on training victim assistance staff to interact effectively with the media.

Following further trauma-related training with Columbia University’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Reed created and leads a trauma reporting class at MU. In so doing, she joins a small number of journalism educators who teach on trauma reporting. Her class explores how victims, witnesses, and journalists respond to natural disasters, manmade calamities and terrorism. Many students are reluctant to interview those affected by traumatic situations; Reed encourages them not to think of trauma as a story about victims but about human resilience. “When we go back to people who have suffered a trauma, we find amazing stories that make you feel good about being a human being,” Reed says.

Reed has also done work with the University of Missouri’s Disaster and Community Crisis Center and is an editor at She supervises students covering crime, court reporting and health care.

Katherine Reed is an associate professor of print and digital news at the Missouri School of Journalism.

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