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Featured Profile: Keith Greenwood

Keith Greenwood

University of Missouri professor Dr. Keith Greenwood investigates how images shape public perception.

Greenwood conducts research on media communication, including citizen-generated images and digital photo archives. He also focuses on visual sociology: visual portrayals of social behavior. Among other topics, Greenwood examines the visual framing of international news. He analyzed photographs awarded the prestigious “Picture of the Year” title and concluded that these images – considered to be the best of photojournalism – often reinforce a stereotype of developing nations as conflict-torn and violent.

Greenwood also examined photographs published during the 2011-2012 Syrian conflict and determined that public affairs magazines portrayed more images of peace efforts, while general news publications primarily framed the conflict with violent images. Researchers have theorized that images of the human experience of war, rather than militarized images, could motivate viewers to become more informed and engaged. Since public affairs magazines are increasingly written for niche audiences, Greenwood’s findings suggest that fewer people will see international news framed with peace-seeking images.

As an educator, Greenwood teaches courses in photojournalism history, photography’s role in society and multimedia applications for photojournalism. He was the recipient of MU’s 2016 Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award.

Dr. Keith Greenwood is an associate professor of journalism and journalism studies at the Missouri School of Journalism.

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