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Featured Profile: Kristin Sohl

Kristin Sohl

University of Missouri researcher Dr. Kristin Sohl is a healthcare advocate for children and underserved populations.

A practicing pediatrician, Sohl specializes in treating children with autism and other developmental concerns. In addition, she works beyond the walls of the clinic as a researcher and leader. Sohl was part of a team that found video game playing may reduce sleep among boys with autism. She also designed and leads the University of Missouri’s Community Advocacy through Resident Education (CARE) program. Through CARE, Sohl has earned several grants for training pediatricians to connect with community partners and local legislators to make a difference for children.

Sohl was also instrumental in developing ECHO (Enhancing Community Healthcare Outcomes) Autism, which remotely connects community providers around Missouri with a network of autism experts. Sohl serves as Program Director, and she is helping to launch many other ECHO Autism projects around the world to share best practices and build care capacity.

Additionally, Sohl is leading a grant project called the Community-Pediatric Partnerships for Child Health and Well-Being in Missouri. She and a team of pediatric faculty and medical residents at MU are working toward addressing health disparities in the growing population of East African refugees.

Dr. Kristin Sohl is a pediatrician at the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders and an associate professor of clinical child health in the School of Medicine.

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