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Featured Profile: Mark Coggeshall

Mark Coggeshall

University of Missouri researcher Dr. Mark Coggeshall is working to develop agroforestry practices that have economic and environmental strengths.

Coggeshall works to improve trees — improvements that will benefit the environment and yield higher economic returns for nut farmers and the timber industry. One of his research projects resulted in a finding that can increase oak tree acorn yields, benefitting wildlife. Typically, oak trees grow for 20 to 30 years before producing their first acorn. Coggeshall developed Buck’s Unlimited Oak® trees, a line of swamp white oak trees that produce acorns in only five years. Coggeshall has partnered with Forrest Keeling Nursery to make the tree breed commercially available.

In addition to his oak tree work, Coggeshall has also developed a breeding program for eastern black walnut trees to improve nut production characteristics. He is also actively involved in a hardwood genomics project that maps different characteristics of black walnut, green ash, black gum, sugar maple and sweetgum trees. And he is continually working to fortify trees against flooding and improve different traits such as timber quality, nut production and early fruiting.

Dr. Mark Coggeshall is an assistant research professor in the Forestry Department within the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

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