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Featured Profile: Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan

University of Missouri researcher Dr. Mark Morgan examines how humans interact with nature.

Morgan teaches classes in outdoor recreation and conducts research on human dimensions of natural resources related to policy, visitor behavior and environmental education. A former Fulbright scholar, he has also taught and conducted research in several Asian countries, including China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Morgan has expertise in invasive fish: specifically, the Asian carp. Brought to the U.S. in the 1970s in an attempt to improve water quality, these fish can deplete the food sources of native species. Currently, little market demand exists for Asian carp, resulting in most commercial fisheries discarding the fish from their nets. Morgan is working to develop larger market demand for the fish – in part, by collaborating with Mexican and Chinese restaurants.

Additionally, Morgan is part of The Community Team, an NSF project that works to understand how Missouri communities are adapting to a changing climate. Using historical data and social surveys, the team is working to find long-term patterns of response to environmental disruptions and develop recommendations to help Missourians remain resilient in the face of change.

Dr. Mark Morgan is an associate professor of natural resources in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

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