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Featured Profile: Pradeep Sahota

Pradeep Sahota

University of Missouri neurologist Dr. Pradeep Sahota is advancing sleep research.

Sahota has more than 25 years of experience in academic neurology, as well as sleep medicine: the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related conditions. Through his research and publications, he works to bring greater awareness to the treatment of sleep
disorders, as well as treatments of neurological, medical and psychiatric disorders that can affect sleep quality.

For a number of years, Sahota has collaborated with fellow neurologist Dr. Mahesh Thakkar to examine the role of sleep in addiction, including alcohol addiction. The researchers discovered that alcohol interferes with homoeostasis, the sleep regulatory system, which causes insomnia and sleep disruptions. Their work suggests that such using alcohol as a sleep aid can cause long-term sleep problems – important information for the 20 percent of adult Americans who use alcohol to fall asleep.

Sahota, who has won several awards for excellence in teaching, is recognized as a leader by his peers. He has served on numerous committees for the American Academy of Neurology and other prominent organizations, and he has chaired the Sleep Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology.

Dr. Pradeep Sahota is a professor of neurology in the School of Medicine. He serves as director of MU’s Sleep Disorders Center and Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program.

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