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Featured Profile: Prasad Calyam

Prasad Calyam

University of Missouri cyber engineer Prasad Calyam works at the forefront of technology.

Calyam works in cloud computing, computer networking, networked-multimedia applications and cyber security. With more than 90 papers published on these topics, he is a natural choice to lead MU’s Virtualization, Multimedia and Networking Lab. There, he and other computer scientists work with the latest technologies to help perfect the next iteration of the internet and make it easy for non-experts in healthcare, manufacturing and public safety to benefit from cloud platforms.

A frequent collaborator, Calyam partnered with medical researchers to develop “Panacea’s Cloud,” which allows emergency responders to rapidly assess disaster scenes via Google Glass and other smart eyewear. Additionally, he and fellow computer engineers developed a cloud network that speeds researchers’ ability to use supercomputers to process their big data in disciplines such as bioscience and neuroscience.

Calyam has received funding from leading agencies including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, IBM and Internet2. His research and software is the basis for a company, Narada Metrics. He consults for industry and government agencies wishing to develop advanced computing systems, and he serves as a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Dr. Prasad Calyam is an assistant professor of computer science in the College of Engineering and a faculty member at the MU Informatics Institute.

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