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Featured Profile: Randy Curry

Randy Curry

Dr. Randy Curry has his finger on the pulse of innovation.

Pulsed power – accumulating energy over a period of time and then releasing it quickly – is used in radar, cancer treatments, automobile manufacturing and many other fields. Curry has developed new materials to generate pulsed power and discovered new uses for it.

In 2013, Curry developed a device capable of launching a ring of plasma in open air. The process generates power but emits no radiation. With further research and development, this technology could transform the way energy is produced.

Prior to this discover Curry partnered with Boeing Company on a $6 million U.S. Defense Department-funded project to develop equipment capable of remotely disabling explosive devices. The counter-explosive technology was based on research conducted at the University of Missouri’s Center for Physical & Power Electronics, founded by Curry.

Now, Curry is redefining “remote.” He has teamed up with a researcher from MU’s School of Medicine to create antennas which are implanted in the human body and used to remotely monitor internal conditions. The project is funded by MU’s Coulter Translational Partnership Program.

Dr. Randy Curry is professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering at Mizzou. He is Director of the Center for Physical and Power Electronics and holds eleven patents.

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