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Featured Profile: Ron McGarvey

Ron McGarvey

University of Missouri researcher Dr. Ronald McGarvey tackles practical problems faced by the public.

For more than a decade, McGarvey worked as a researcher in Project AIR FORCE. This federally funded research and development center, operated by the RAND Corporation, is tasked with performing policy analysis on behalf of Air Force leadership. McGarvey brought that research expertise to MU when he joined the faculty in 2013.

Using mathematical modeling tools, McGarvey works to analyze problems relating to public policy. He was part of a team that examined food waste generated on the MU campus, identifying solutions that can be implemented in the all-you-care-to-eat dining environment. In another project, McGarvey and his collaborators demonstrated that multi-state partnerships can allow coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by burning woody biomass at minimal cost increases. Other recent research has supported the Missouri Department of Transportation, the World Wildlife Fund and the University’s Sustainability Office. The common thread throughout all of these efforts is a focus on operations research, identifying solutions that trade off an organization’s costs versus its performance.

In addition to his research, McGarvey is Associate Site Director for the Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution at MU. Additionally, he serves as a faculty mentor for undergraduate students.

Dr. Ron McGarvey is an assistant professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering with a joint appointment in public affairs in the College of Arts and Science

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