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Featured Profile: Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

Scholar and educator Dr. Ryan Thomas examines the roles and responsibilities  of journalists and journalism.

Thomas studies how journalists write about their own field in order to understand how they construct their professional identities. He also investigates how changes such as economic downturns, technological advances and other significant shifts affect journalists’ ability to work. Additionally, he researches media representations of labor, social movements and immigrants. Thomas’ findings have been published in key journals, and his research has won a number of awards from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as the International Communication Association.

In addition to his work as a researcher, Thomas is an active educator. He teaches courses in mass communication theory, qualitative research methods and media ethics. He was also one of several faculty selected to contribute to a collaborative effort between the journalism school and the American Society of News Editors’ Youth Journalism Initiative. Thomas created a teaching module about journalism ethics to be used in a free online education tool for youth wishing to pursue a career in journalism.

Dr. Ryan Thomas is an assistant professor of journalism studies in the Missouri School of Journalism.

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